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The TEMA Foundation is 22 years old
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The TEMA Foundation is 22 years old

TEMA Foundation, founded in 1992 to fight against erosion and to protect our natural assets, now is celebrating its 22nd Anniversary! Today, with the support of its over 510,000 volunteers across the country, with representatives in 80 provinces, 272 district volunteer organizers and with Young TEMA groups in 112 universities, its work to protect our natural assets continues.   

Founded under the leadership of Hayrettin Karaca and A. Nihat Gökyiğit on the 11th of September 1992, it is working with all its strength and with volunteers throughout the country to protect  Anatolia, every inch of which  bursts with life and abundance.

In 22 years it has reached over half a million volunteers

TEMA foundation continued its operations in 2014 with the support of volunteer representatives in 80 provinces, 272 districts and 112 universities. The growing Foundation, widening its network of volunteers every day, reached the size of 500,000 volunteers in May. The number of volunteers joined by September 11 reached the number of 513,000. In year 2014, 910 volunteers from 59 districts came together under the theme “We are volunteers for a livable future" in five regional volunteers' conferences in Kocaeli, Amasya, Diyarbakır, Konya and Artvin.

TEMA Kids and TEMA Junior programs were carried out across the country

TEMA Kids program, being carried out from 2010 to the present day, met with 58,000 pre-school and primary school students in 2,678 classes, 1,170 schools, and 81 provinces in the 2013-2014 academic year. TEMA Kids has conducted student-oriented activities about the environment throughout the year. Its teachers, who completed their program with success, received documents approved by the Ministry of National Education. With its activities beginning in 1996, and carrying out its current program since 2012, TEMA Junior has reached students in 81 provinces, 288 schools, and 11,732 high schools in the 2013-2014 academic year. TEMA Junior Festival was held from 9-11 May 2014 in Yalova; 28 teachers and 66 students attended the festival from 21 provinces. Students and teachers attended the ecological literacy workshops while their projects on creative solutions were displayed at the project fair.

Reforestation efforts have continued

With the cooperation of the General Directorate of Forestry and the donations of its supporters, The Foundation’s efforts for the afforestation for Memorial forests have continued in 18 areas, four of which are new areas. These efforts have received donations for 355,688 saplings from individual and corporate donors. With 159,373 of these donations, 41 memorial forests have been created in the name of groups and individuals. In terms of oak afforestation, Kırklareli's Lüleburgaz district has received a 108,900-tree oak nursery.  “81 Provinces 81 Forests” Project with the support of İş Bank celebrated its 6th year of bringing together saplings with soil. With the desire to found new forests and increase our forest assets, to bring our children in contact with soil, to strengthen their love of forests with the saplings they plant, and to see every part of our country in lush green, in every province and in the Northern Cyprus, the efforts for afforestation have continued.

Rural development and protection projects had positive results

Begun in 2011 by the TEMA Foundation and DAMAK in Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, the ‘Fıstığımız Bol Olsun’ (Let our Pistachios be Plentiful) project, aiming to increase the quality and productivity of pistachio nuts, completed its first stage with success. Along with improving the quality of life of pistachio producers in the Antep area, project aims to include both economic and social aspects at once, its goal is to increase and assist Antep's production and export. With this project the productivity of the trees increased by 49 percent, the crackle ratio also increased by 24 percent. Compared to neighboring orchards, an average production increase of 123 percent per one-tenth of a hectare has been achieved. In 2014 the project's second stage began in the Barak Ovası region.

TEMA Foundation's Rural Development Project in Afyonkarahisar-Sinanpaşa and Southern Towns Kınık, Karacaören and Çobanözü Villages was carried out with the support of BORUSAN. 402 farmers joined educational sessions on pruning for the improvement of fruit crops. Pruning was carried out in apple and cherry orchards, sprinkler systems were installed, and 655 saplings were grafted in newly planted orchards. With the aim of meeting animals' coarse fodder needs 2,500 kilos of sainfoin seed were planted on 25 hectares of land belonging to 31 farmers. In the year 2014, farmers reaped 15,464,710 kilos of coarse fodder. As an information source for local residents of the region, the "Project Villages’ Soil and Land Use Report" was prepared and distributed.

To protect mastic trees in a safe area and preserve their genetic diversity, with the sponsorship of FALIM Sakız and the cooperation of the General Directorate of Forestry, a clone park was established and 517 individual trees produced from 91 clones were planted. A sprinkler system was established in the clone park. About 400 grafted saplings were produced for the planting of new saplings and clones in the clone park, and efforts to speed the saplings' growth through care work, including hoeing, pulling up grass, watering and fertilizing, have been continued.


Efforts have continued at the international level


The TEMA Foundation continued its Board memberships at broadest environmental coalitions of Europe and the Mediterranean, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE).Within TEMA Foundation's project,  subgrant program "Local Problems, Local Solutions: Environmental Participation in Turkey" was launched with the aim of taking a more active role in citizens' struggle with local environmental issues and to create participation in decision-making mechanisms. "Efsanevi Baykuş Çizgili İshak Kuşu" (The Legendary Owl, Pallid Scops) Project in Şanlıurfa and “Yeşil Bir Şehir, Temiz bir Deniz Van" (Van, a Green City, a Clean Sea) Project in Van received subgrants under this scheme. Activities associated with the projects continued throughout the year.

Since 2014, TEMA continues its role as the coordinator of the DRYNET which focuses on strengthening civil society networks to address dryland degradation and poverty issues in the context of strategic development frameworks with the participation of 15 NGOs from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.



Advocacy activities for sustainable living have been implemented


In light of the “Effects of the Konya Karapınar Closed Basin Thermal Power Plant Expert Report”, information-sharing meetings were held in the region. In these local endeavors, the effects of the planned thermal power plant in the area on agricultural land, underground water sources, human health and the local economy were identified.

A report concerning the effects of the three projects planned for Istanbul; third Bridge, third Airport, and Canal Istanbul, was prepared by academicians and experts. The results of the İstanbul Projects Report were announced at a press conference held on March 25. At the end of seven months of work involving 16 scientists, the looming threats to İstanbul's life support systems such as the northern forests, water basins, agriculture and grasslands, underground water resources, as well as to its biological diversity were shared at this meeting.

As Climate Network, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) The Effects of the Climate Change Adaptation Report was evaluated. Academicians, along with officials of civil society organizations, and related public institutions and members of the press, shared climate change's national and global effects and the necessary steps to reduce these effects.

Advocacy efforts towards eliminating activities that threaten our natural assets, also including legal processes, continued. TEMA Foundation, having filed seven lawsuits in 2014 alone, has won 88 of the 199 cases it has filed or intervened in, while 67 are still ongoing.World-famous tenor Bocelli performed to support TEMA


Activities that The TEMA Foundation carried out on its 22nd Anniversary were crowned by the Andrea Bocelli concert organized by MOST Production. The concert which united music lovers with one of the world's best-loved tenors, Andrea Bocelli, was joined by conductor Marcello Rota's 102-person Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra, and the 60-person İstanbul State Symphony Orchestra Choir. During the concert, there was the first screening of a film that calls for volunteers which was directed by Ozan Açıktan and featured famous actor Yiğit Özşener.

The TEMA Foundation, reaching 22 years today, thanks all of its volunteers, public and private sector supporters who have stood behind its mission of protecting our natural assets, and invites everyone to become a TEMA volunteer.

                               The TEMA Foundation



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